We’re Getting Married

Welcome to the online home of Vishal and Ruchi. we’ve created this website to inform you all the stuff we could not fit on the invitation. We can’t wait to get married. Honestly we’re so excited to share our special day with you guys. We’ve made sure to cover it all for you, our glorious gustes. Surf the page to find desired information. Thanks for coming! Big love, Vishal and Ruchi.

6th FEBRUARY 2017 at Bandhan Party Plot, Satellite

Vishal and Ruchi are engaged to be married

Meet Groom & Bride


Ruchi and I first met in marriage function. Firstly our eyes connect on the date 19/05/15. At that time she must have thought my fashion sense quite strange, She were a beautiful dress from that day. Only I can't stop thinking about Ruchi. get ready change your name Ruchi Vishal Shah.


Our First Date on 25/05/15 and that day I feel that I am the happiest girl in the world. Vishal makes each and every movement of my life very special. With you, I feel my life top of the world. I don’t think anybody could be happier than I am today.

Married on 6th February 2017

Groom's Family & Bride's Family

Ashok Shah

Groom's Father

My dad is my Idol and yes he guides me at each and every stage of my life and always made me happy and jolly, whatever I'm now is just because of parents and their hardest struggle.

Anil Shah

Bride's Father

Since childhood you have treated, I've no words for you my dear dad, you have always accomplished my needs and fulfilled my smallest and tiny wishes. And dad I wanna say that no matter I'm leaving this house but I will be always with you.

Manisha Shah

Groom's Mother

Hey Mom, firstly I wanna thank you for all those things what you have done for my happiness and also for making me proud of myself and also I'm very lucky to have you. You are the best mom in the world.

Urmila Shah

Bride's Mother

All I can say that I'm your shadow. It makes me proud when i hear that ``you are perfectly trained by your mom`` and also thank you for giving valuable knowledge of life, you are the best guardian of my life I can say. Gonna miss you like anything.

Cherry Shah

Groom’s Sister

We have always fight like Tom & Jerry but let me tell you living a day without those fights would be impossible for me. But today I want to confess that you are my 1st female friend in my life and I'm glad to have a small sister like you. I can't imagine a life without you.

Keyur Shah

Bride's Brother

Did you remember I used to hold your finger and go to school? You have always taken care of my needs and fulfilled wishes. Whenever I something was wrong you were always there for me to support and in fact you are now. Also thank you for making my love story so happening and beautiful your support is immense.Thank you Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

Harvi Shah

Bride's Bhabhi

I don't have any words to describe our relation. U always treat me as a small sister I m lucky to have a bhabhi like you.


5 Feb. 2017 Mahendi Rasam 2:00 PM onwards, Sangeet Ceremony 7:00 PM onwards

At Sindur Party Plot, Near Vardan Tower, Pragati Nagar, Naranpura


6 February 2017 6:00 PM Onwards

At Bandhan party plot, Near shardhdha school, Jodhpur gam, Satellite


7 February 2017 7:00 PM onwards

At Bandhan party plot, Near shardhdha school, Jodhpur gam, Satellite

Friends Say

  • I wish you all these things–but remember sometimes dreams are ALL up to YOU!

    Janki Patel
  • I am glad to hear that you are starting your new life after the excellent moments together

    Bina Kadusker
  • Congratulations! Vishal and Ruchi, I wish you for all your dreams of tomorrow

    Hirva Modi

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